[**Hurricane IDA Updates**](https://hammond.org/?page_id=9418&preview=true) [**Tangipahoa Parish Residential Hurricane Ida Damage Survey**](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciRhgwj0QRYhVfpjIbKXXHpvrDnVnH7MGNpsUdSN1dJ1Qb_A/viewform)
[**Hurricane IDA Updates**](https://hammond.org/?page_id=9418&preview=true) [**Tangipahoa Parish Residential Hurricane Ida Damage Survey**](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciRhgwj0QRYhVfpjIbKXXHpvrDnVnH7MGNpsUdSN1dJ1Qb_A/viewform)

Hurricane Ida Updates

Hurricane Ida Preliminary Damage Map – See initial estimates of structures damaged in Hammond.

Amwaste is running regular routes. Please keep the trash curbside because the routes are taking longer than one day to complete due to the amount of trash from Ida. Put as much as possible in the Amwaste container. If they pull away from your area, it’s because the truck is full and must go to the landfill to empty. They will come back to where they left off. They are not picking up construction debris or furniture — that’s a different company. If you have questions or complaints, please contact the City at 985-277-5955.

When removing debris, keep separate piles — DO NOT MIX:
1. Construction and furniture debris
2. Tree debris – the contractor has started picking up in Hammond
3. Trash – regularly picked up by Amwaste
4. Appliances

Several volunteer groups are working in Hammond to help homeowners with tarping houses, mucking out houses after floodwater, clearing trees, and other home repairs. Register for assistance:

Crisis Connections/Team Rubicon, Mormon Helping Hands, and Samaritan’s Purse – 844-965-1386 – Can help with tree removal, debris cleanup, temporary roof repair, and flood cleanup.

Louisiana Baptists – Click here to go to their Facebook page where you can scan a code to complete a form. They can help with tree removal, debris cleanup, and some home repairs.

Send Me Missions – 863-800-9654 – Can help with tree removal, debris cleanup, and basic supplies.

Operation Blue Roof – The US Army Corps will install a temporary roof covering for FREE. Here’s more information.
Online: Blueroof.US
Phone: 888-766-3258

Apply In Person, Everyday, 10am-6pm: Tangipahoa Parish Library in Hammond, 314 East Thomas Street
Online: disasterassistance.gov
Phone: 800-621-3362
An initial denial from FEMA may only mean that you need to provide additional documentation. Take photos, keep receipts, and be persistent. Be prepared that an inspector may not come into your house. They may interview you about the damage and review your documentation. The person who submitted the application is the only one authorized to speak to FEMA about the claim.

Critical Needs Assistance may be available to you, which is a one-time payment for water, food, prescriptions, baby formula, diapers, medical equipment, and fuel.

You may also update your FEMA application based on how your situation changes — for example, if your house had minor damage at the beginning that progresses into mold due to power outages or if you are living with family and there’s no longer room at that location for you to live.

Temporary Housing Assistance may be available if you have so much damage that you can’t stay in your home.

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers low-interest disaster loans to homeowners and business owners.
Fact Sheet describing the program, uses and interest rates.
Online: https://disasterloanassistance.sba.gov/
Phone: 800-659-2955
Email with questions: FOCWAssistance@sba.gov

Additional help for businesses is available FREE at the Louisiana Small Business Development Center.
Online: https://www.southeastern.edu/admin/sbdc/
Phone: 985-549-3831
Address: 1514 Martens Drive, Hammond, LA 70401

There is no longer a curfew in Hammond or Tangipahoa Parish.

When will the electricity come back on?
From Entergy Louisiana — As we restore the remaining customers in the Hammond area we are finding more transformers requiring replacement than initially identified. That region’s specific configuration requires specialized transformers that are in limited supply. However, we continue to obtain the needed equipment on a regular basis from the east and west coast and have already replaced 750 of the 1,362 that needed replacing. At this time, we anticipate that all customers who can safely accept power in the area to be restored by September 27th. Here’s Entergy’s TIMELINE for each parish. Please help line workers continue safely, keep you safe, and work efficiently by NOT talking to them while they are working.

If you see downed lined, please do not cut them. The main poles have to be reinstalled first. Then individual customer lines will be restored.

There is no longer a burn ban in Tangipahoa. Burning is not allowed in the Hammond city limits.

If you need trees removed from your property and live within the Hammond city limits, complete THIS FORM if possible. If unable to fill out form please call 277-5601.

To report a tree blocking the roadway in the Hammond city limits, call 985-277-5601.

Tangipahoa Parish Schools will reopen campuses for teachers on Monday, Sept 20, with students beginning classes on Tuesday, Sept 21.

Holy Ghost and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Schools will reopen on Monday, Sept 20.

Southeastern Louisiana University – Campus will reopen on Friday, Sept 17. All classes and activities resume pre-closure status and schedules on Monday, Sept 20.

The Hammond City Court reopened on Monday, Sept 13.