Stormwater Management



The purpose of this page and of the Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) linked to below is to present information to the public on the City of Hammond’s goals and efforts to maintain and improve the quality of the waters that receive stormwater runoff from the city. The SWMP is also used to document the City’s compliance and cooperation with State and federal stormwater permitting programs as required by the Clean Water Act.

In accordance with the Clean Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) implemented regulations that govern the discharge of stormwater from certain urbanized areas. These regulations require the City to develop and implement a SWMP within the incorporated limits of Hammond, Louisiana.

The City is required to provide a SWMP because the City is considered to operate a regulated small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).

The department responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the SWMP is the City’s Streets Department.

Robert Williams is the current Streets Superintendent and the City official responsible for the SWMP.

The Streets Department assumes the lead role in SWMP development and implementation. Other City departments and officials actively support the Streets Department, the SWMP, and the City’s stormwater management program.


Use common sense when dealing with materials that could be harmful to the environment—especially if they could end up in local waters.

  • DO bag grass clippings instead of sweeping them into streets.
  • DO help to keep ditches and storm drains clear of obstructions, such as branches, leaves, grass, dirt, and other small debris; call the Streets Department at (985) 277-5955 to remove limbs and other large obstructions.
  • DO properly dispose of waste in trash cans or dumpsters.
  • DO recycle common household items, such as metal cans, plastic, and paper; call the Streets Department at (985) 277-5955 to learn about recycling options, from weekly collection to the City’s annual Recycling Day.
  • DO recycle electronics at designated drop-off points around the city and/or on the City’s annual Recycling Day.
  • DO recycle hazardous household waste, such as strong chemicals, aerosol and fuel containers, oil, paint, light bulbs, and tires on the City’s annual Recycling Day.
  • DO report spills and illegal dumping to the Streets Department at (985) 277-5955.
  • DO participate in community cleanups, such as those organized by Keep Hammond Beautiful.
  • DON’T pour strong household chemicals, oil, or paint down the sink.
  • DON’T use storm drains to dispose of strong household chemicals, oil, paint, or other waste.
  • DON’T dump used motor oil on the ground.


Review the downloads below or call the Streets Department at (985) 277-5955.

File Downloads:

Stormwater Management Plan (PDF)
10 Steps to Stormwater Pollution Prevention on Small Residential Construction Sites (PDF)
Stormwater and the Construction Industry (PDF)
2021 Utility Stuffer (PDF)

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