Hammond Police Department



Emergencies: Dial 911
Complaints: (985) 277-5700
Crimes: (985) 277-5700
Detectives: (985) 277-5700
Jail: (985) 277-5700
Juvenile: (985) 277-5700
Records: (985) 277-5700

Edwin Bergeron Jr.
(985) 277-5750

Assistant Chief
Angelo Monistere
(985) 277-5719

Capt. Charles Monistere
(985) 277-5711

Capt. Randy Miller
(985) 277-5709

Civil Service Secretary
Julie Monteleone
(985) 277-5661


120 S. Oak St.
Hammond, LA 70401

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 2788
Hammond, LA 70404


Police Accident Reports
Police and Fire Millage Renewal Election
Hammond Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service
Hammond Police Department Facebook Page
Uniform Crime Report (UCR) 2019
Sex Offender Information
Safe Zone for Internet Purchases
Did you know the City of Hammond has a Safe Zone for Internet Purchases? The internet exchange is a public space with good lighting and cameras where people can feel safe to meet someone and purchase an item from exchanges such as Craigslist or local swap shops. The Safe Zone is located in the parking lot of the Hammond Police Department at 120 S. Oak St.