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Entry-level Police Officer exams are given throughout the state by the Office of State Examiner. The applicants will apply directly to our office, through the Office of State Examiner website, during a 10-day posting period. The information on how to apply will be on the website under the “Competitive Applicants” tab. This link will take the applicant to the page with information on how to apply to take entry-level Police Officer exams.

Entry LEvel Police Officer Exam
  1. The application is now an online form. Once completed, a copy of the submission is automatically sent back to the email address provided. This will be your receipt. This will be the only way to apply.
  2. Should you have an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation or you are requesting Veteran’s Points you will need to send your supporting documents to us at the email address listed on the website.
  3. We will not accept applications by mail.
  4. Applications will only be accepted during the 10-day posting period.
  5. Applications received before or after the 10-day posting period will be automatically rejected.
  6. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance 5 days prior to the test date via email provided on the application. This is also how each applicant will receive the test score.
  7. The OSE suggests that interested applicants check the OSE website weekly for new exam dates coming in the future.
  8. Your score is good for 18 months from the date the State Examiner certifies your test score.

Once you apply, take, and pass the exam, please fill out the following Hammond Police Department Application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (225) 925-4000 Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Police officer application

The following three items must be attached to your application:

1. High School Diploma or GED
2. Birth Certificate
3. Driver’s License

Please review the application requirements for additional items that may need to be submitted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to update contact information.

You can return your application any of the following ways:

1. Mail To: Julie Monteleone, PO Box 1446, Hammond, LA 70404
2. Hand Deliver To: Julie Monteleone at 310 E. Charles St., Hammond, LA 70401
3. Email To: monteleone_jc@hammond.org

Corrections, Communications, & records careers

Fire and police personnel for the City of Hammond are governed by the Hammond Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service System. This system ensures fairness and consistency for job opportunities, promotions, and overall employment in these positions.

The Hammond fire and police positions, known as “classes,” are described on the Office of the State Examiner’s website, which also provides study guides, testing applications and schedules, Civil Service Board rules, and State laws.

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