Flood Aftermath

The City of Hammond worked swiftly in preparing for the storm and responding afterwards. “Our hearts are with our residents who flooded,” said Mayor Pete Panepinto, “and the City will direct you toward resources for recovery.”

The Fire and Police Departments assisted 221 people in evacuating their homes due to high water, using fire trucks, boats, and high-water vehicles. The Streets Department cleared storm drains and canal channels in advance of the storm and worked with the Grounds Department in filling and distributing 7500 sandbags. The Streets Department, with the Police Department’s assistance, barricaded roads with high water, and the Water & Sewer Department took care of manhole covers floating during the heavy rain. The Water & Sewer Department also worked during and after the storm to restore two critical sewer lift stations and ensured that the remaining 50 lift stations and sewer treatment plant operated properly when people needed those services most.

Mayor Panepinto pointed out, “What’s also impressive is the number of volunteers who assisted in evacuating people and distributing sand bags. We had businesses and people cooking and donating food. Overall, it was about people caring for each other. And the attitudes and hard work shown during our hardest times is what proves that we are Team Hammond.”